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Painting on The Green

Superheros gallore came out Saturday afternoon for an all out super fun time. Even the cold chill in the air couldn't keep the heros at bay. The day was full of Super Friends episodes and even a visit from Iron Man! If only I had gotten a picture....but I was having fun of my own… Continue reading Painting on The Green


The Sensitive Side of Paranormal

The paranormal has fascinated and terrified many over the years. There are so many questions and stigmas surrounding this topic including the grand question of :"What constitutes the title - psychic". With the ever growing amount of interest, as well as the swelling number of paranormal teams, there is lingering skepticism surrounding the concept of "the… Continue reading The Sensitive Side of Paranormal


Halloween is just around the corner. The time of year when the veil between worlds thins and I try in tradition to "get the party started" early. Great costumes come together with great makeup. Go all out this year, I know I am. I coudn't resist making a headdress of horns and flowers this year.… Continue reading