Introducing Leila Rachelle-that’s me! 

I make art that inspires bigger dreams and fantastic realities.

Art is the story. The end and the beginning. With art anything is possible.

     It can speak a thousand languages at once. Capture a memory forever in blazing color or let you peer through the window of a fairy world. The only limits are the ones we make for ourselves.  If we pay attention it art will show us the world.

 My creative mission:

For my art to connect people to what lies within them and allow it to express itself visually.  I want to create art that stares down into your very soul echoing your own divine beauty and creativity. An expression of who you are and what you believe resides in every piece that speaks to you. 

Art mimics life and life is all about the journey. 

    Art should mean something. If you can’t explain why you have it on your wall, what’s it there for ? What is it saying other than ” I came with the frame.” ? Enjoy the process of looking for a piece that takes you to a place beyond words.

   You may find a particular piece that excites you or even makes you sad. Maybe you just think it’s unique and beautiful. You might even wish to commission a special piece just for you. The key is to put more of  “you” into the art than you ever imagined. Together we can work to make art that truly means something. Find your own connection with my art and go for it!                                                                       

 IMG_1660A splash of color, a smidge of fearlessnes and add a dash of magic! 

That’s my recipe for amazing art and the amazing ride of life. I have always seen the world through an artistic lens. Creating comes in so many forms. I believe magic truly exists in this world and it connects us all. Art lives within us and craves attention in all it’s forms. It’s always been a form of meditation for me when I create.  The connection to those I hold dear and my love of nature and it’s magic inspire me and help my art to continue to grow.