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Back to Basics-Art Growth

Organic practice. Just letting the pencil move .More hands and faces. I do love drawing faces.Male bodies have always been difficult for me.Tarot SUN card in the works. More hand proportion sketches With new videos up and more on the way ideas are brewing in the old creative mind. I am finding new passion for… Continue reading Back to Basics-Art Growth

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Making the stars personal As many of you may know, I am a reader of the tarot. I'm not ashamed to admit a moon phase addiction and a bit of an astrology fanaticism. Astrology at times completely stumps me though and the moon doesn't always speak to what I'm feeling, energy wise. I google and… Continue reading MYSTIC MONDAY

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The Divine Story of You

Pantheons in different cultures have always fascinated me. The intricate stories told over the ages and the depth of the characters within hold timeless value. Some say the origin of most of these fables have a base through real people and real events gloriously over taken with imaginative add ins. I would have to say… Continue reading The Divine Story of You