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The Divine Story of You

Pantheons in different cultures have always fascinated me. The intricate stories told over the ages and the depth of the characters within hold timeless value. Some say the origin of most of these fables have a base through real people and real events gloriously over taken with imaginative add ins. I would have to say I agree. If given enough adventure and success your story would begin to unfold through the eyes of others. Gossip spreads like wild fire and the story of YOU would surely become fantastical.


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  It would seem each story rarely leaves one without a lesson learned at the end though. Taking a piece of you and your story as a lesson for the young. The hero’s of old, the ones children used to look up to and aspire to know, some to even come to worship. Not that I’d ever desire to come to be worshiped, although it could have it’s perks. It is a pretty awesome incentive to live a life fierce, undeniable and fable worthy.

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