RPG Map Adventures

   Enter the world of RPG and nothing will ever be the same

One of nine nations in the world of Arreanna, the story of the land of Keswick is an adventure that captured my imagination from the moment it was introduced to me. I was instantly captivated by this world and its inhabitants so when asked to make their vision of this nation a reality there was only one answer. While alot of the detail was left up to my own artistice style, the inspiring geographical desciption of this new world was the first step into the making of the print. The finished map is in black ink on unstretched canvas. Even unrolling the piece onto the table for final inspection from one of the authors brought on the feeling of impending adventure. Working with two talented writers who have lived and played in the world of D@D for decades gave an RPG virgin such as myself a new perspective on the true art of where these worlds can take you.

The beauty of the landscape carried me across the Misty Sea into the depths of a world so alive with mystery and magic I found myself lost in the making of this map. Journey on the path from the catacomb caverns of the majestic Five Kings mountains through the barron landscape of the harsh desert of the Thunder Wastes all the way to the elven city of Nardaul within the Raun Wilds. Struggle to survive and find adventure in the realm of Keswick and don’t forget your map. The first of many from me in the RPG world.

Make your world come to life

PDF0397-01 17a
Comissioned map of Keswick

The Keswick Players Handbook

The imaginative new pathfinder supplement brought to you by authors Bo Luellen and Johnny Mclain


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