The Sensitive Side of Paranormal

The paranormal has fascinated and terrified many over the years. There are so many questions and stigmas surrounding this topic including the grand question of :“What constitutes the title – psychic”.20171022_144113

With the ever growing amount of interest, as well as the swelling number of paranormal teams, there is lingering skepticism surrounding the concept of “the psychic”. In regards to a paranormal investigation there will always be a need for a healthy amount of skepticism.   Those that have more a scientific approach feel apprehensive about adding a member who claims to possess a “sixth sense.”   I’ve managed to come across one paranormal investigation team that deems a member with extra sensory talents as highly valuable. As Empathic as I am, I feel it important to state that I’m not some self proclaimed “psychic”, nor do I have any love for that particular label.  I observe what most call a paranormal experience.  This is something that has been an element of my life, even before I was aware of it.  I have the ability not only to feel, but to take on the energy of a person, a room or even a general area. At times I receive certain words or images, which for the most part are incomplete.  To be clear, there are no true Hollywood movie visions that give the viewer the whole story.  What I get offers me insight as well as questions I feel are pertinent to the situation.

Night Sun Tarot

Before joining the team I had never been tested with the Zener Cards.  My team leads run me through a battery of these tests before every outing. Even people who are open and extremely sensitive like myself get nervous when being tested in this manner.  I am certainly no exception.  It allows me to focus in on an unexpected level creating an opportunity to center myself.  At the same time keeping me humble. Ego has no place where spirits and intuition is concerned.

I find that I have an ability to draw attention from people or clients, as most empaths’ do.  I find this helpful in regards to interview an individual that is the subject of a paranormal haunting.  Even in this day and age of curiosity into the paranormal, most in the Bible Belt find it difficult  to explain strange occurrences.  They are hesitant when using the word “haunted” to describe what they’ve been experiencing to perfect strangers. That glazed look that creeps through their eyes knowing they almost definitely sound like a raving lunatic. My team listens attentively to the client, and some hone in for clues of sincerity   I can literally feel the emotion running through the client as they speak. Having the ability to identify with someone experiencing these things, as well as an empatihic connect with them, is beyond words. In this way I know I may be able to help, encourage and even calm them in ways they never considered. I am happy to be a part of this team and look forward to many more investigations.


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