20171020_200717     Rite of passage. Every culture has one. That thing everyone does that tells society you’ve reached a milestone. But what kind of milestone? The rite to what passage?
A father and his young son walk away from the hustle and bustle of their village and entering the forest. The father hands the boy a small satchel of food, a cup, some rope and a hunting knife. He tells him these tools will be an essential part of his journey, use them wisely. Turning back towards the village the father tells the boy he will return to that very spot in one week to meet the man his son is to become.
There remains much value in that most ancient rite of passage, one lost to most of us long ago. A rite of passage that truly means something. One I believe tells nature and the spirits, ” Here I am, guide me.”  It is surely a pivotal point on a path I have only began to fully embrace. Nature is our greatest teacher, the only way to wake up from the sleep is to awaken the connection, hear her words and the lessons she has to teach. So much may be found if one is willing to take a step back into a place where the physical and spiritual meet.  20171020_202226
With every passing day I find how just typical stuff in life manages to relate to Tarot or Tarot to it rather. I find I always seem to end up playing the part of The Fool. Ever ready to start out on the next adventure, learn something totally different, step into new territory. I’m pretty sure I have been dubbed foolish on many occasions. Caring that’s what people may say isn’t really a concern any longer. No matter when or where in your life you join the path – the path truly meant for you – I believe there shoud be that one moment when you just let go and throw yourself into the wind. The true essence of the beginning of any great journey.

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