The Masked Soul

The ancient Celts painted masks of blackened ash from the sacred bonfire. The Italians masqueraded in beautifully intricate masks. The Celts believed the wearing of a mask during the Sanheim festival kept the Spirits from recognizing you.  The Italians upper class simply wore them to participate in activities of the season without anyone knowing their true identity. In short masks have always been a form of protection. With the mask there is a desire to pretend and transform, taking on a confidence hard to find without it.

For myself, I find the mask exhilarating to put on. With it we can take on the role of ghost, creepy witch, dashing knight or just simply the mystery girl. Masks allow us to be sensual mysterious, silly cute, heros or villians. The choice of mask is to choose who you are for the night, an exploration in who you want to be in that moment. These are masks we take off and put on, what of the masks we wear daily? That representative and form of protection we all find ourselves wearing at one point or another in our lives. Taking on a role, wearing the mask ; perfect mother, happy face, sensual lover. In an ironic twist the mask covers our representative and allows us the freedom to express ourselves fearlessly.

Celebrate the season! Celebrate you! This Halloween find the mask that lets you express yourself.

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