About the Artist

While growing up in Oklahoma Leila enjoyed drawing and sewing.  She found inspiration in the curves of the human form and the calm chaos of nature’s beauty. She spent her days filling the pages with images of faeries, magic and writing dark poetry, as she developed her own artistic voice as a teen. She also enjoyed sketching animals, winning 2nd place in a local art contest for her pastel puppy. Continuing to study different styles of art, her talents grew and so did her diversity. She transitioned into watercolors and acrylics, using that medium to participate in a 2014 showcase with RAWartists. By 2015, she expanded her expression once again by learning about the magic of herbs, energy healing and tarot.  Within this time is when she began taking on commission work, passionate about turning others’ visions into reality. In 2017 she started developing image design for a local author and has continued enhancing her image skills with digital design. Currently she is working on her own tarot deck designs and taking commissions for the year. Check out her weekly tarot readings from her channel in the Community Spot.

Making art to inspire bigger dreams and fantastic realities.

“My vision of art is to connect people to what lies within them and allow it to express itself visually.  Creating art that stares down into your very soul echoing your own divine beauty and creativity. An expression of who you are and what you believe resides in everything that speaks to you. “ 


Style and Inspiration

I have a few favorite artists that I look to with regards to inspiring work. At the top would be Edgar Allen Poe who was an artist of words, truly amazing at his work and Zdzislaw Beksinski is awe inspiring with his use of color and shadow.

There is always inspiration around every corner for me. I try to take moments that are slow and drag them out to look at every detail of a tree I pass by or notice how the clouds look in the sky. I believe there is a little bit of magic in everything, you just have to look. What I do is try to show that there is no defining line between the dream world and the waking one.

It is important that the brush stokes are fluid and blended, keeping more of a surreal feel. Deep jewel tones are especially something I am drawn to when choosing color for a piece. When I sit down to work on something new there is an internal challenge made to myself to dig deeper, to reach outside of my comfort zone.

I tend towards finding beauty in dark places when I paint. I have a high drama when it comes to my paintings, I love the play on light and shadow. I also like experimenting, my creativity is very much attuned to commission work. I like that my style has an adaptability about it. Life is all about adaptability and make it work moments.