To Remy with Love : Commission Painting

Remycommission2They say a picture is worth a thousand words but the life a painting can give a picture says so much more. Remy is the subject of this commission. A rescue Schnauzer adopted by a lovely couple with love in their hearts and a good home to give. He was abused and neglected and now he resides in a Remycommissionbeautiful home with a Schnauzer brother and his two dads. This painting is still in progress and you will have the chance to view the completing of it through my channel next week. Be sure and watch!

Pets Welcome!

I love animals. They’re cuddly and theraputic. Somehow they always manage to warm your heart and become part of the family.  A couple of weeks ago I recieved the sweetest photo of Jethro. His Mama Cindy loves him in his pajamas and made sure this was the picture I had to paint him from. She says he gets cold and likes to get up under her shirt too. He definitely seems to have huge character for such small stature.   23897738_1893280047366536_1057805529_n

“Jethro in his jammies”

16×16 canvas in acrylic

Every pet portrait I do feels special.  Reading the lovely descriptions these animals families provide me with help me connect with them even more. It’s a plus that by the time each portrait is complete I know that for their family I have captured an important furry friend forever.

To commission your own furry friends portrait email

RPG Map Adventures

   Enter the world of RPG and nothing will ever be the same

One of nine nations in the world of Arreanna, the story of the land of Keswick is an adventure that captured my imagination from the moment it was introduced to me. I was instantly captivated by this world and its inhabitants so when asked to make their vision of this nation a reality there was only one answer. While alot of the detail was left up to my own artistice style, the inspiring geographical desciption of this new world was the first step into the making of the print. The finished map is in black ink on unstretched canvas. Even unrolling the piece onto the table for final inspection from one of the authors brought on the feeling of impending adventure. Working with two talented writers who have lived and played in the world of D@D for decades gave an RPG virgin such as myself a new perspective on the true art of where these worlds can take you.

The beauty of the landscape carried me across the Misty Sea into the depths of a world so alive with mystery and magic I found myself lost in the making of this map. Journey on the path from the catacomb caverns of the majestic Five Kings mountains through the barron landscape of the harsh desert of the Thunder Wastes all the way to the elven city of Nardaul within the Raun Wilds. Struggle to survive and find adventure in the realm of Keswick and don’t forget your map. The first of many from me in the RPG world.

Make your world come to life

PDF0397-01 17a
Comissioned map of Keswick

The Keswick Players Handbook

The imaginative new pathfinder supplement brought to you by authors Bo Luellen and Johnny Mclain

Painting on The Green

Superheros gallore came out Saturday afternoon for an all out super fun time. Even the cold chill in the air couldn’t keep the heros at bay. The day was full of Super Friends 20171112_124837episodes and even a visit from Iron Man! If only I had gotten a picture….but I was having fun of my own with all the superkids and their parents. Face painting the cutest heros in town! image_6483441

Why the Hell would I Meditate?

The thought of sitting cross legged for half an hour doing absolutely nothing curls my toes. Who has that kind of patience much less that kind of time to waste?

Entire books are devoted to this subject each one loaded with instructions on to how to do it. The odd bohemian lady at the candle store keeps mumbling about the need for everyone to meditate too. Most of it sounds fine and dandy if you just happen to be a tibetan monk.  For the rest of us regular people it just doesn’t work out so well. Finding time and figuring out which way you should go with is ridiculous. When I actually started to think about how weighed down with stress I was my veiwpoint on the word “meditate” began shift. Something had to give. I stopped reading so much on the subject and just started listening to what helps put me in a better frame of mind. I started listening to myself and I what needed. Thats when I started looking around noticing how many different ways you can find to realistically meditate.

How many times do you find yourself going to take a 10 minute break in the workplace bathroom just to get away from that annoying coworker?

Setting the alarm clock to get up earlier than anyone else in the house and just having a cup of coffee?

All you really want is peace and quiet. This is real people every day meditation. The big difference I notice is in doing your own form of meditation mindfully and daily. Being fully aware of what you want to accomplish is what really makes it count. Meditation doesn’t need to fancy with candles and incense unless thats what works for you.

I find painting to be my best form of meditation. I find that I am able to let go and just allow time to pass with no thought, just pure flow. I also sit and relax on the curb outside at work on my 10 minute morning break. Ocasionally I do sit with lit candles and intention to work through issues I might be having.

The best thing about realizing how you meditate and what truly works for you are the benefits:

  • Higher concentration
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Better sleep
  • Increased sex drive

These are just a few and they sound pretty awesome. Decreased stress equals less people you want to punch and sleeping better leads to a higher sex drive and who doesn’t like the thought of that benefit.

Why the hell would you meditate?

Chances are you’re already doing it in one form or another.